Chile Verde

Recipe is from a friend of the Friesen's.

pork lard
6 lbs pork shoulder
small green tomatillos (enough to fill large pie plate)
8 ancho chiles
4-5 serrano chiles
1 large onion
6 cloves garlic
3 cups chicken broth

  • Pork shoulder - cook like for carnitas. He doesn't have quantities. He gets at Longhorns.
  • Get a lot of pork lard; he renders his own lard; Armour in supermarket is not good; can get from butcher.
  • Sauté cubes of meat in lard and render fat and liquid; don't trim any fat.
  • Almost gets soupy but keep it on a high flame until moisture has evaporated off and meat starts to absorb fat.
  • Meat will begin to get a little crisp on edges; then add green sauce.
  • Grape sized tomatillos are best but you will more likely find the golf to tennis ball sizes.
  • You will need about a dozen tomatillos or enough to fill a large pie plate.
  • Remove the husks and wash the tomatillos. Broil the tomatillos to brown them, turning once or twice.
  • Put the browned tomatillos in the blender and process them.
  • Use about 8 ancho chiles (seeds removed) and 4-5 serranos (keep seeds). Brown the chiles over open flame to brown them.
  • After browned, toss the chiles in bag to let them sweat a little bit, then rinse off the charred parts.
  • Put the chiles in a food processor with a large white onion and half a dozen cloves of garlic.
  • Add the processed chiles and onion mix to the meat.
  • Add chicken broth to bring up to a stew level
  • Seasoned with 1 T. Mexican oregano ( or 2 parts Italian with 1 part marjoram if don't have Mexican)
  • Cook on stove top
  • Add two tablespoons of maza (corn flour); add more to make thicker; about 2T of maza)
  • With chicken broth - uses a carton or about 3 cups; want meat covered with liquid; don't add maza till the end or things stick. At last, put a squirt (couple tablespoons) of pickle juice from Spanish basque type of pepper like skinny Serrano; can use dill pickle juice.
  • Easy dish;

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