Ice Cream Maker Instructions

20 pounds of ice
1 box of rock salt
1 large pan into which you will set the ice cream maker - catches the melting salt water/cream overflow
5 cups ice to 1 cup salt ratio (approximate)

Before adding the cream mixture to the cream can, place the cream can into the ice cream maker, resting the can on the metal center in the bottom of the wood tub. Assemble the inner and outer parts of the dasher and insert the dasher in the can, making sure that the socket on the bottom of the dasher aligns on the protrusion in the bottom of the cream can.

Set the entire unit into a container which can catch the overflowing melted salt water and cream.

Pour the cream mixture into the can. The instructions say not to fill it more than 1/2 to 1/3 full, but we end up with it closer to 3/4 full. Put the cover on the ice cream can and make sure the dasher turns freely with your fingers.

Hold the motor unit with the label facing you and insert the right side of the unit into the fixed steel ear. Settle the motor unit on the top of the dasher, engaging the dasher stem into the socket of the gearframe. Insert the left side of the unit into the latch assemble and secure the latch.

Fill the wooden tub with ice to the top of the can. Run the motor for about 2 minutes, then add 2 cups of salt to the top of the ice. As the ice melts down 2 to 3 inches, add more ice and 2 more cups of salt.

DO NOT increase your salt usage until the cream has churned for about 10 minutes. The entire churning process should take about 20-25 minutes.

Once the motor starts to strain, unplug the unit. Churning it past this point does not improve the ice cream. Remove the can cover and scrape off the dasher. If you want to pack the ice cream, cover it with waxed paper and put the can cover back on. Plug the hole at the top and cover can with ice and salt at 5:1 ratio. Cover with insulation. I typically use old beach towels.
We have a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer. This is my interpretation of their instructions - and what works for us!

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