New Classes
It’s been much too long since I last updated so sorry if this ends up being super long.  All kinds of good things have been going on.  I have just started a new session of classes and I really like them.  Normally I only have two classes at a time, but this session I’m taking a new required class on top of my GE and my Core classes.  Here’s the lineup: Monday and Wed 9:30am Flash.  It’s actually a Non-HTML web design class in which we use Flash.  It’s a hard program to learn but so far I am loving it.  I made my first movie the other day and I’ll see if I can get it onto this site, I make no promises though do if it’s not here and you want to see, shoot me and e-mail and I’ll send it to you.  Next up is my Finance class at 4pm on Mon and Wed.  I’m not crazy about it, but I have certainly had worse classes.  The last class I have is a Business Launch class.  It’s crazy hard and I’ll fail if I miss any classes or miss any assignments or anything.  I really respect the instructor and I kind of like the fact that we are being forced to learn this stuff.  It’s good stuff.
Jumping back to the last break I had before this set of classes I worked one weekend at a Joyce Wilson workshop.  The above picture is from that weekend.  I modeled for it and this is one of the pics.  I have more coming from Joyce herself, I just keep forgetting to go pick them up.  So yeah, that’s that.
I don’t know if i have anything else except this.  In around 5 weeks check this out again, I’ll have a brand new better than ever flash site up.  I’m excited.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006