It’s getting crazy around here!
So I have been shooting like a mad woman for school.  I put an add on and got a ton of e-mails from people who are looking for pictures.  I’m really excited to be shooting all of them.  It’s such good practice for me.  
So on top of all that picture taking business I have some jam packed weekends ahead of me.  This upcoming weekend I am moving to a different room in my house and I’m gonna try to get it painted in the process.  
The following week I’m going to be heading up to my parents house for a few days to photograph a wedding and then my dad and sister an I are going to see Roger Waters in concert.  I am so excited about that show.
The weekend after that my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins are coming to visit.  My cousin J will be competing for the third year in a row in the Ventura highland games bagpipe competition.  He’s pretty amazing.  Just last weekend he got two third place awards.  Not bad for a 13 year old kid.  I’ll also be shooting my other cousins senior portraits that weekend.
Beyond that i don’t know what I’ll be doing.  Wish me luck guys, and everyone sleep extra for me, cuz it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting much myself.
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Monday, September 25, 2006