My New Site
Hey all!  Thanks for checking out my new site!  It is kind of a work in progress.  I would really like any feedback that you have on anything from my pictures, to my site, to the outfit you saw me wearing the other day.  
Here’s what’s going on with me:
I just started classes again.  I’m taking an advanced portraiture class and a science class.  I look forward to the portraiture class quite a bit.  I have been getting a lot of good portfolio stuff out of the assignments I have been shooting and that always feels really good.
I will be shooting another wedding in October.  I just talked to the Groom for the first time today and found out that he and his bride to be both went to Colfax.  He was in my sisters class and she was a year above them.  The wedding will hopefully be up in Lake Tahoe, so I will be staying with my parents.  While I’m up there I will also be going to a concert with my dad and my sister.  We’re going to see Roger Waters.  I’m really excited about it.  I have been looking forward to this show for months now.
That’s all I’ve got going on now.  Please let me know how you all are doing too! Alexis Chantarelle Wednesday, September 13, 2006
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